8 Spider-Man 2 PlayStation Trophies That You Can Unlock Right Away

We can confirm that the tradition of a fairly straightforward Platinum continues in the Insomniac line of Spider-Man games. But you know how it is as a trophy hunter: you’ve done all the hard stuff, and then you’re left with a string of simple tasks to mop up. This article explains how to get a bunch of those easy-to-get clean-up trophies the moment you can free-roam Spider-Man 2’s open world without spoiling any of the game’s major story events.

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1. You’re Gonna Need Help

First up is a free trophy. Before we can get any other trophies, we need to play through the opening to get access to the open world. So, by completing the intro sequence during the mission Surface Tension, you’ll be rewarded with the “You’re Gonna Need Help” trophy. Great job! One down, seven to go.

Before You Move on to #2…

After getting this first trophy, you’ll still need to complete some activities before we actually get to free roam. Complete the story missions Spider-Man 2 throws at you, and eventually, you’ll be dropped into the open world as Peter’s Spider-Man and it’ll tell you that the “One Thing At A Time” mission is complete. We could start grabbing trophies now, but we highly recommend you do one last thing. Miles will call Peter immediately and introduce him to the photo op mission called “Show me New York”. Just do this mission before you set off, as it unlocks Wind Tunnels and the ability to switch to Miles, both of which we’ll need for the trophy hunt.

2. Splat!

Okay, let’s get to hunting! First up is the easiest on this list. When in the air, you can hold the square button to make Spider-Man do air tricks. The intention is to complete whatever air trick you’re doing before you hit the ground. What we’ll do instead is continue holding square and doing air tricks until Spider-Man lands on the ground with a thud. And congrats, the Splat! Trophy is now yours!

3. Hang Ten

On the topic of air tricks: the Hang Ten trophy asks you to perform 30 air tricks in a row without touching the ground. Here’s the EASIEST way to complete this.

Go to the settings menu and enter the accessibility section. Here, scroll down until you find the Air Tricks setting, which will be defaulted to hold. Change this to Toggle-Maintain. What this does is: when in the air, you just press square instead of holding it to make Spider-Man start doing tricks. This way all you have to do is focus on swinging to keep him in the air and moving the left stick around to perform different tricks.

We also recommend you do this under a bridge to keep yourself from getting stuck on buildings or hitting the ground and splatting. And that’s it, just keep swinging and performing different tricks by moving the left stick, and eventually, the trophy will pop. You obviously can do this by not altering any accessibility options and just holding square while you perform tricks, but as a trophy hunter, it’s not always shameful to do something easily if it’s possiple!

We’ll grab these next few trophies in order to minimize travel time.

4. Home Run!

This next trophy is a simple one. Head over to the very southeastern corner of the map, in the Downtown Brooklyn District. You’ll want to go to this exact spot you can see in the screenshot above, which is where you can find a baseball stadium.

Land and run to home base, and then from here, just do a full lap around the bases like you just hit a home run. And that’s it, the Home Run trophy is yours!

5. Just Let Go

As a warning, this trophy does include a slight spoiler from Spider-Man: Miles Morales, speaking of, you’ll now need to switch to Miles, which was why we needed to unlock him earlier.

From the baseball stadium, we’re now going to head west toward the financial district. In the center of the financial district is Trinity Church. Land on the western side of the church’s roof and aim toward the steeple. We’re going to land on this ledge here.

Zip up there, and you’ll spot the science trophy that Miles and Phin won together in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Pick the trophy up to get the PlayStation trophy “Just Let Go.”

6. Soar

The “Soar” trophy is another tricky trophy that requires you to web wing glide all the way from the Financial District to Astoria. This is why unlocking Wind Tunnels was important: because this trophy is basically impossible without them.

When hovering over the Financial District on the map, you’ll see the borders of where you need to start your journey. We’re going to head to the northeastern edge. Once there, look for something tall, like this radio tower, to slingshot launch from.

We recommend grabbing the Slingshot Launch skill, as it’s the first skill in the shared skill tree, and it’s one of the best skills to get first in Spider-Man 2, anyway. Once on the tower, set a map marker to Astoria–that way you know where you’re headed. Looking northeast, you’ll spot a Wind Tunnel. This is where we need to launch toward, but remember, you need to be in your wing glider before leaving the financial district. So, slingshot toward the tunnel and immediately deploy your web wings.

No matter where you choose to launch, you’ll want to make sure the web wings are out before the game says you’re in Chinatown or the trophy won’t pop.

Ride this tunnel until it ends over the bay, and then immediately look to your right to spot another wind tunnel, and glide over to it. Once you’re in that tunnel, you’re home free, as this tunnel will take you all the way to Astoria.

Ride the tunnel to the end and keep gliding toward your marker, and the trophy will pop.

7. You Know What To Do

This trophy has major spoilers for the end of Spider-Man 2018. Now, travel to the cemetery as Peter, so if you’re still playing as Miles, switch back.

The cemetery is on the very northwest side of the map in the Harlem district. From the entrance of the cemetery, run down the sidewalk to the left and go in through this way. Follow the pathway and keep right.

At the next fork, keep left. After a few more seconds of walking the winding path, you’ll be close to the center, and you might even spot a marker for you to interact with. Head toward that marker but ignore it and turn right. You should see Uncle Ben and Aunt May’s gravesite, exactly where it was in Spider-Man 2018.

Interact with it to earn the “You Know What to Do” trophy.

8. Stylish

This last one is easy. The main mission marker you should have right now is “Suit is Sandy” which requires Peter to change into a new suit. When starting this quest, you’ll get a new suit, and Spider-Man 2 will introduce Suit Styles, which are just different colors of your current suit.

Instead of leaving this menu with the default style, switch to one of the other suit styles and then leave the menu, and the “Stylish” trophy will pop.

And there you have it, you now have eight trophies in the first hour of Spider-Man 2. To finish off that trophy list, head to IGN’s Spider-Man 2 platinum trophy guide.

For more game help, make sure to head on over to IGN’s growing Spider-Man 2 wiki which includes these guides and more:

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