Best USB-C wired earbuds in 2023

Wireless earphones are essential, but keeping some USB-C earbuds for emergencies is handy (or you might even prefer them). Here are the best options.

Bluetooth earbuds are everywhere now, from the subway to the mall to the gym. And it’s no wonder why — the best wireless earbuds provide excellent features and sound quality without breaking the bank, all while freeing you from those pesky wires. However, even though wireless earbuds are incredibly convenient, it’s always a smart move to have a pair of wired USB-C earbuds on standby, or you might just prefer them.

The good news is that the USB-C port has become universal. Apple has finally embraced it by adding it to the iPhone 15 series, bidding farewell to the Lightning connector. And the best part is that this USB-C port is versatile, just like any other USB-C port on Android smartphones. You can use it for extending the display of your iPhone, connecting external drives or other accessories, and, yes, even plugging in your wired USB-C earphones.

With the iPhone 15 adopting the USB-C port, you can expect the market for accessories using this port to explode. Many USB-C earbuds have already entered the market, allowing users to leverage their new port for audio. Thankfully, there’s a wide selection of USB-C earphones available, and here are the best USB-C wired earbuds available right now.

  • Skullcandy Set USB-C pbi Medium

    Skullcandy Set In-Ear USB-C Earbuds

    Editor’s Choice

    $23 $32 Save $9

    The Skullcandy Set earphones come with a USB-C connector and are affordable with IPX4 water resistance. They are a good choice for those who prefer wired earbuds and feature a comfortable design. These earbuds pack handy volume control buttons and deliver good sound quality with a strong bass.

  • Apple EarPods usb-c

    Apple Earpods (USB-C)

    Best for Apple devices

    Apple’s beloved EarPods are now available with the USB-C connector for the iPhone 15 series. These earbuds support high-quality lossless audio output and feature a built-in remote to control volume, playback, and calls. These earbuds also support iPad and even Android and Windows devices.

  • samsung-akg-tuned-usb-c_1500x1500 Background Removed

    Samsung AKG Type-C Earbuds

    Best for Samsung devices

    These are the Samsung AKG-tuned wired USB-C earphones. They boast premium audio quality, fine-tuned by AKG, and feature dual 10 mm drivers. These earphones connect directly to your phone’s USB-C port, delivering lossless audio. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, these earphones are an excellent choice for you.

  • soundform usb-c earbuds pbi

    Belkin SoundForm USB-C Earbuds

    Reliable USB-C earbuds

    If you’re looking for a pari of reliable and reasonably priced USB-C earbuds, Belkin SoundForm USB-C is a great option. It is fully compatible with both Samsung and Apple devices, so you don’t need to worry about that. It is also sweat resistant do you can take it to the gym worry-free.

  • 51Thb5wJpML Background Removed._AC_SL1484_

    Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds

    Best for Google Pixel devices

    The Google Pixel USB-C earbuds are a great choice for Google devices like the Pixel Fold and Pixel 7 series. They offer good audio quality and a comfy fit. It comes with a clean and versatile design with looped wires that stay snugly in your ears, and it even comes with a dedicated Google Assistant button.

  • Logitech G333 Gaming Earphones pbi Background Removed Medium

    Logitech G333 Gaming Earphones

    Best for gaming

    If you’re a serious mobile gamer, which is a common reason for considering wired earphones to reduce lag, the Logitech G333 Gaming Earphones are the ones you should go for. These G333 earbuds are an excellent pick for gaming, and they come at an affordable price as well.

  • Insignia - USB-C Wired pbi

    Insignia – USB-C Wired Earbud

    Best Value

    If you need an inexpensive pair of USB-C earbuds for listening to podcasts, making calls, and enjoying some music, then these earbuds from Insignia are for you. These are among the most affordable options around, equipped with decent 10mm drivers, and they definitely offer good value for the price.

  • 7hz-salnotes-zero-wired-render Background Removed

    Linsoul 7Hz Salnotes Zero USB-C Earbuds

    A great option

    The Linsoul 7Hz Salnotes Zero USB-C earbuds deliver impressive quality for their price. They feature a USB-C connector and detachable faceplates for convenient storage and replacement. Moreover, they pack oxygen-free copper cables and 10mm dynamic drivers, offering a wide soundstage, plenty of detail, and a balanced tone.

USB-C earbuds: Which one should you buy?

If you have gone through our list above and still are not able to decide the best USB-C earbuds for yourself, here’s what we recommend: If you use Apple, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel devices, it’s best to stick with the USB-C earphones made by those companies since they are optimized for their respective devices.

However, if you’re open to other brands, the Belkin SoundForm USB-C earbuds is also a great option. It supports both Apple and Android devices and is also sweatproof. Another solid choice is the Skullcandy Set-In USB-C earbuds, which offer similar features and a comfortable design. If, however, price is an issue, go with the Insignia earbuds – they provide great value for the money.

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