Big Cyberpunk Update Added A Classic Keanu Reeves Meme

Cyberpunk 2077 just received a final hurrah via an update that added a number of fixes and new features, such as a working metro system. The new transit system lets V experience a bit more of pedestrian life in Night City, including a few random events on the train. One such event is a recreation of a well-known meme starring Keanu Reeves in a very sad (but relatable) pose.

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The meme in question is known as “Sad Keanu,” and it features actor Keanu Reeves (who plays Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077) chilling on a bench somewhere, casually eating some food while staring at the ground with a wistful expression. The original image was taken sometime around 2010 by photographer Ron Asadorian, and has since gone on to be a frequent image shared around the internet.

How to find the ‘Sad Keanu’ meme in Cyberpunk 2077

To find sad Keanu/sad Johnny, you need to update your game to version 2.1. After that, head to one of the newly opened metro stations (they are purple icons on the game’s map). At the metro, you have a choice of fast travel, or a first-person trip on the game’s metro system. Choose the latter by clicking “Ride metro.”

After a quick glitched-out screen, you’ll take a seat on the metro and can look out the window as you traverse Night City. Alas, you can’t get up and walk around in the train.

Sad Keanu is one of at least two randomly occurring events that can occur on the train (another involves someone begging for money). You can just spam the “Ride metro” option until you find him. Once you find him, you can just watch him sulk there, surrounded by some origami pigeons, sandwich in hand.

Gif: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

Back in 2021, Keanu Reeves told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show that contrary to how the image looks, he wasn’t really sad when the photo was taken. “”I had some stuff going on. I was hungry,” he told the host.

Since Johnny Silverhand can’t eat on account of being an engram and all that (and apparently there’s no smoking allowed on the transit system), I’d like to think sad Johnny is just sad that after blowing up that building the world still sucks. Maybe he really does want to get the band back together, but knows too much time has passed. Or maybe he’s just lonely watching V get all those new romance options. Right there with ya, samurai.

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