Cheerble Wicked Snail Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Our Final Verdict

We give Cheerble Wicked Snail a rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars.

Entertainment: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Battery: 4.5/5

Value: 4.5/5

Keeping an active kitten or juvenile cat entertained is a full-time job. But who in this day and age has the time to wave a feather wand around twenty-four-seven?

That’s where Cheerble comes in. This innovative pet toy company has set out to bring cheer to cats and dogs around the world by creating smart interactive toys. And by “smart interactive,” I mean toys that will wear your cat out so you don’t have to!

The newest toy to the Cheerble line-up is Wicked Snail. This self-powered chase toy is similar to the company’s flagship Cheerble Ball. But this awesome product has an adorable snail-head with light-up antennas and improved maneuvering to keep your cat entertained longer.

I had the chance to try the Cheerble Wicked Snail on my inexhaustible eight-month-old kitten, Makoa. This rescue cat has more energy than my six-year-old daughter. And gets himself into way more trouble.

After a week of using Wicked Snail to entertain Makoa, I can now confidently say it is possible to wear this kitty out. Keep reading to find out why I might love this smart toy even more than my cat and to see my full Cheerble Wicked Snail review.

About Cheerble

Cheerble Wicked Snail - product box on the counter

Cheerble was founded by a group of pet parents who wanted to bring more tech to the pet toy industry. With innovative toys like the phone-controlled Wickedbone and KiTiDot laser pointer collar, they have done just that.

Where Are Cheerble Products Produced?

Like many innovative home tech companies out there today, Cheerble is based out of Shenzhen, China. Unlike so many of these companies, Cheerble is proud to be operating out of one of the fastest-growing tech hot spots in the world and is happy to put their faces behind their products.

There are many stellar reviews calling attention to Cheerble’s excellent customer service. The quality of the toys themselves also says a lot about the pride that goes into these products.

Which Type of Cats Are Cheerble Products Best For?

When it comes to toys, Cheerble products are definitely best suited for playful kitties. These interactive toys are especially good for cats who like to chase, pounce, and stalk.

Cheerble doesn’t just make toys. They also have water fountains, brushes, litter scoopers, and deodorizers that just about any cat owner can appreciate.

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Cheerble Wicked Snail - product close-up

Here is an overview of Wicked Snail, the newest addition to the Cheerble lineup, and the toy I had the opportunity to test on my kitty. Here, we’ll look at how it works, what it does, and the important tech specs.

How It Works

The Wicked Snail is made of three main parts.

In the center, the snail’s body acts as the weight to keep the toy upright. The LED antennas change color during startup to express what mode the snail is in and rapidly change color during operation to entice kitties.

Two half shells, one on each side of the body, spin both forward and backward to move the snail around the floor. If the snail gets knocked over, the curved surface of the shell spins and wobbles until the snail finds its feet again.

This unique design means the snail will keep moving no matter how hard your cat bops it around.

What It Does

Wicked Snail has two modes, gentle and normal.

In gentle mode, the snail moves around the house at a somewhat quick pace. In normal mode, it moves even faster. In both modes, the snail bounces off of furniture and walls, thrashes around on its side, and does everything else it can to get your kitty’s attention.

The snail will run for ten minutes straight. After that, it will only move when your cat touches it.

Technical Specs

Wicked Snail only works on hard flooring and flat (very, very low pile) carpets and rugs. None of the carpets in my house were low enough to allow it to move around. But it worked very well on my vinyl plank floors.

Many users note that, with the automatic “still” function, Wicked Snail can provide a full day of fun without running out of battery. Since my cat prefers to play with it nonstop, I can confidently say the battery only lasts about one and a half hours if played with consistently.

The snail is made of safe PVC and is highly durable.

In Summary


  • Quick movements to get the cat’s attention
  • Prey-like thrashing/spinning motions
  • Gets itself unstuck easily
  • Durable
  • Noise-free entertainment


  • Short battery life
  • Can’t move over carpet
  • Only slight difference between modes

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Key Features

Cheerble Wicked Snail - toy on the floor

Enticing Movement

The unique design of this chase toy allows it not just to move forward and backward, but to thrash and spin, too. When it tips onto its side, the spinning curved shell causes it to jostle around quite violently. The noise and movement of this grab the kitty’s attention even more so than the fast linear movement many chase toys are restricted to.

Doesn’t Get Stuck

When working on hard surfaces, it takes a lot for this toy to get stranded. Because it can thrash and move forward and backward, it usually gets itself unstuck quickly, whether it goes under furniture, hops onto the sliding door track, or backs itself into a corner. This means more uninterrupted play time for kitty and more quiet time for you.

Easy to Add Variation

The problem with most interactive cat toys is that they can quickly lose your cat’s interest due to repetitive motion. Not only does this toy display a wider variety of movements, but you can easily switch things up by changing the environment in which you’re using it.

By placing my Wicked Snail inside a box, in a large paper bag, and under a thin sheet, I created new games that held my cat’s interest for days.

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Is the Wicked Snail a Good Value?

Compared to some products in the self-propelled cat toy category, Wicked Snail is a touch expensive. But considering the durability of the materials used and the extra attention that went into designing its features, I think it’s well worth the extra investment.

Had my cat gotten sick of it after only a few days (as he has with previous chase toys I’ve tried), I might not think that’s the case. But the unique motions this snail employs and the simple design that makes it easy to use in different situations has kept my cat engaged. For this reason alone, I’d pay top dollar for this product.

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Does Wicked Snail come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 1-year warranty. And, like all Cheerble products, Wicked Snail can be returned within thirty days for a full refund, no questions asked.

How long does shipping take?

Most US orders are fulfilled from Cheerble’s US shipping center and take only 5 to 7 days to arrive.

How do you turn Wicked Snail on?

Turn Wicked Snail on by holding down the button on the back of the body. To change modes, short-press the button immediately after the light turns on. The power button is made to be long-pressed with a firm finger to avoid your cat accidentally hitting it during play.

Cheerble Wicked Snail - makoa playing with the product

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Our Experience With Wicked Snail

Anyone who has ever raised a kitten knows that the juvenile years between four months and one year are often the most difficult. This has been especially true for my rescue kitten, Makoa.

I found him wandering the street alone at just five weeks old. A combination of traumatic weaning and being raised as a solo kitty with only dogs to play with has created a teenage monster cat who loves to bite during play.

To help redirect this problematic behavior, I’ve been trying all types of toys. Since Makoa has more time to play than I have time to play with him, I have been especially interested in autonomous interactive toys. That’s one reason I was very excited about the opportunity to try Wicked Snail.

Other self-propelled toys have proven too boring to hold his attention for more than the first few days. But not Wicked Snail. I have been using this to tire out my rambunctious teenage cat at least twice a day for well over a week.

And he still loves it!

Every time he hears that telltale scuffle of the snail rolling over the floor, he comes running. He does just about as much watching as he does actual wrestling and chasing, but still, it holds his attention for hours.

I attribute much of Wicked Snail’s hypnotic power to its unique motions and super-fast movement.

The other thing I love about this toy is that its simple design makes it easy to vary its use. One of Makoa’s favorite things is when I put the snail inside a large box so he can stalk it from outside the cardboard walls. He also loves it when I put it in a paper grocery sack and seal the end and when I let it run around under a thin sheet.

By occasionally using these variations, I have effectively kept him in love with this toy. And since it’s not cheap, this kind of ongoing fascination is key to the value I see in Wicked Snail.

In terms of the more technical aspects of the toy, I have also been impressed.

It’s very durable, for one. My orally fixated cat has yet to damage the antennas. And when my kiddo “accidentally” chucked it across the room, the shell half came off but was completely undamaged and snapped right back on.

The battery allows for about an hour and a half of continuous play. For Makoa, this often means he plays with it right up until it dies. But it recharges fairly quickly and he typically gets two to three full play sessions a day.

My only major issue with this toy is it doesn’t roll well across carpets and it gets completely stuck on the shag rug in the middle of my main floor. This means I have to rescue it multiple times per play session to keep the fun going.

Overall though, I could not be more happy with how much Makoa loves playing with Wicked Snail. It easily keeps his attention for long periods and usually has him napping for even longer afterward.

Cheerble Wicked Snail - makoa pawing the toy

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If you have an extra-playful kitty who craves stimulation that you can’t always give, the Cheerble Wicked Snail is here to deliver. This self-propelled snail-shaped roller combines fast forward and backward movement with thrashing about to keep your kitty enthralled. And because all you have to do is turn it on and let it go, it’s a great way to keep your kitty busy while you’re busy.

Wicked Snail is easily my cat’s favorite toy and provides him some much-needed stimulation multiple times each day. This smart toy costs a little more than the competition, but the thoughtful and effective design and durable materials used make it well worth the investment for playful cats everywhere.

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