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By Kapil Sharma on May 10, 2023

When we’re upset or depressed, we look for things that will cheer us up. We’re also fortunate to be able to talk to others who care about us and express our frustrations when necessary. However, if our adored canines are unhappy, lonely, or depressed, the same cannot be applied to them. They do, however, speak in their unique ways. To determine if something is amiss, we must closely monitor our dog’s behavior. If you and your dog are close, it won’t be difficult to tell if they’re feeling unhappy. Here are six methods to cheer your dog up when they’re feeling down if you chance to notice a shift in their attitude.

1.   Switch up mealtime

In terms of eating, most dogs have it pretty simple. The majority of you simply set their bowl down and let them begin. Although there is nothing wrong with that, it is very different from their scavenging habits in the wild. Therefore, you can start by altering your dog’s eating schedule if you want to provide them with extra mental stimulation. You can turn to feeding your dog a few times a day into a fun game for them rather than just giving it to them.

2.   Relax and have your composure during loud noises

As a pet parent, you must know to keep your cool. When you are worried, how can you expect your dog to remain calm? Do not anticipate issues and begin fretting when you hear thunder. Your dog will become more aware of your anxiety and start getting anxious. Ignore the commotion and maintain your composure for your dog’s well-being. Relax by taking a long and deep breath. 

3.   Get a puzzle toy for your dog

Puzzle toys can be a simple and easy way to keep your dog engaged. It will provide valuable extra brain stimulation. They will have something to concentrate on, and having more purpose in their day helps to reduce undesirable moods. The benefits of puzzle toys include the opportunity for your dog to exercise some of its innate problem-solving skills.

4.   Introduce new tricks to your dog

What kind of tricks is your dog capable of? Do they like their ‘come and get it’ or ‘fetch’? The good news is that there is a lot more you can teach them than the fundamentals. In trick training, there is always room for improvement. The cerebral stimulation provided by teaching your dog a new trick or command is excellent, and it may be especially beneficial for timid or nervous dogs. Your dog’s confidence will increase as a result of all that training, which also deepens the link between dog and owner. Additionally, learning new instructions helps improve your dog’s attention and impulse control (manners).

5.   Give your dog more attention

Whatever the cause of your dog’s sadness or depression, sometimes the greatest remedy is the most straightforward one: spending more time with your dog.

You spend more time with your dogs than anybody or anything else in their life since you are their primary source of affection and engagement. Therefore, spending more time playing with them, planning a dog-friendly day trip, or even simply sitting next to them while watching television may be sufficient to lift their spirits.

6.   Allow them to interact with other animals

All dogs sometimes require a little socialization with other dogs. Socialization can be wonderful for a dog’s mood. Dogs are undoubtedly compassionate animals that can detect sadness or depression in others. If your dog enjoys being around other animals, they could be possibly grateful that you’re thinking about their happiness. Many dogs experience depression when they’re alone, so having a playmate while you’re away can be ideal for them.

Did you know?

Low moods in dogs can be a major cause of depression that might need treatment. The signs of dog depression are very similar to human depression. Dogs will retreat from people. They stop moving forward. The way they eat and sleep frequently varies. The first step should always be a thorough inspection by a veterinarian as such signs might potentially indicate a dog has a medical issue, say, veterinarians. These kinds of health conditions can be physically taxing for your dog and expensive for you as a pet owner. This is why it is important to have insurance for dogs. The advantages of pet insurance include allowing owners to save money when their animal is injured or unwell, giving owners the freedom to not have to pick between their financial security and the life of their dog, and more.

The bottom line

Dogs are complex emotional beings, much like humans, and they are prone to boredom and depression. Although some dogs are more emotionally perceptive than others, canines are generally quite attuned to their owners. Changes in the home can affect their general attitude, and they may even respond to our feelings. All dogs thrive when their physical and psychological needs are addressed, even though different breeds and individuals have varied demands. Last but not least, remember to only seek the best for your pet.

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