Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro Review

The Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro with crying detection is an innovative monitor that will help your baby sleep better. Not only that, YOU will sleep better knowing your privacy is safe, your baby is breathing, and allow you to watch your baby day and night. Ellie sent me one to try and I am excited to tell you about this very special Ellie Smart Baby Pro monitor in this product review!

Why Have a Baby Monitor

Before I get to the Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro product review, first, let me share a few reasons why you need a baby monitor at all:

  • Watch – A baby monitor with video will allow you to watch your baby when you’re in another room or even in the garden at times.
  • Listen – Baby monitors allow you to listen to the types of sounds your baby is making. If they are cooing or fussing lightly, this allows you to give them time to see if they will settle themselves back to sleep.
  • Learn – Many baby monitors will save data for you to learn your baby’s sleep habits. It might track the number of naps, the average amount of sleep, the number of dirty diapers, etc.

It’s hard to imagine having a baby without a baby monitor these days. But, how does one help your baby sleep better? Let’s find out!

How a Baby Monitor Helps Your Baby Sleep Better

You might think of a baby monitor as something to help you, the parent, watch your baby for safety purposes. But, a good video monitor can also help your baby sleep better.

One important thing you can do to help your baby sleep better is NOT rush in every time you hear a little noise. This allows you to avoid some habits that might be difficult to continue long-term such as rocking the baby back to sleep each time they wake. However, when you are worried about whether your baby rolled onto their tummy, which is a SIDS risk, it’s hard to leave them be.

In addition, some monitors now can help you soothe the baby. Some monitors have a 2-way radio so you can talk to your baby, hum, or even sing them a lullaby. This can be very helpful when you’re tending to your toddler during the baby’s nap time, for example.

Now that we’ve discussed how having a monitor can help you care for your baby and help them sleep better, let’s see how the Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro fares in comparison to other monitors.

Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro (with Video) Product Review

Ellie Baby Monitor Pro Video Monitor

The Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro is a superior video baby monitor that is cutting edge. Ellie is dedicated to the application of artificial intelligence technology and is committed to bringing a more convenient and scientific way of parenting.

Video Quality

The video quality on this baby monitor is crisp and clear with 2.5K Ultra HD vision. I couldn’t believe how great the picture looked on my phone! The security camera also rotates almost 360 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically giving you a larger view of your baby’s room. The picture is AMAZING!

In addition, using the app on your phone, you can move the camera just where you want it which could come in handy when you have a toddler or preschooler who can get in and out of bed.

Night Vision

Night Vision of Toddler Sleeping

There’s nothing worse than not being able to see the baby after you put them to bed when all of the lights are off. Your imagination starts to get the best of you! Rest easy being able to watch your baby even when all the lights are off. The Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro has night vision so you are able to see your baby.

Music and Temperature Sensor

The baby monitor also plays lullaby music to help put your baby to sleep. This is helpful in that you don’t have to have yet one more device in your baby’s room. As your baby becomes mobile, it’s just one more thing they can pull on and there will possibly be limited space on your baby’s dresser.

Another way you can keep your baby’s sleep space comfortable is the room temperature and humidity percentage. This monitor will give you a real-time room temperature in the app allowing you to make any adjustments if the room is not at an ideal room temperature for sleep.

Cry Detection

Quite a few monitors or crib toys come with lullabies but when I was testing the Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro for this review, I was talking to my family and suddenly, I heard music. I realized it was the monitor responding to the sounds I was making. Although I wasn’t technically crying, I can see why the monitor thought so because my singing isn’t the best. Ha!

The Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro will detect and respond to your baby’s crying by turning on lullabies to get your baby back to sleep quickly! While nothing can replace your parenting outright, nor would you want it to, this can help for those short sleep cycle transitions during which your baby doesn’t need you.

Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Sleep Tracking Report

Sleep Tracking and Reports

Since Ellie’s baby monitor is “smart” it also keeps track of your baby’s sleep. When you view the reports, it will tell you the total amount of sleep in a 24-hour period, your baby’s longest sleep, and how many times your baby was crying. Logging your baby’s sleep can help you set your baby’s schedule appropriately which can make a big difference in your baby sleeping through the night and taking longer naps. If you know your baby needs more or less sleep than average, for example, this can help you set a more appropriate schedule.

Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Sleep Quality

Something else to consider is sleep quality. The baby monitor also keeps track of your baby’s rate of respiration so you can ensure your baby is sleeping soundly. And, finally, one other thing this monitor has is covered-face, breathing, and roll-over detection. You will get an alert on your phone if your baby rolls over, stops breathing, or gets their face covered which helps you rest easier, too.

Motion Tracking and Virtual Fence

Once you have a mobile baby, you might find that you are constantly monitoring where they go and what they’re doing. The Ellie Smart Baby Monitor not only tracks your baby or toddler’s movements but you can set up a virtual fence. Using your mobile app, you can use the screen to set boundaries and if your baby leaves those boundaries, you will get an alert. I used this feature and was steadily getting notifications each time my teenagers went to the refrigerator (my test to see if it worked). When you have a baby or toddler, you might want to know if they leave the play area while you are cooking dinner, for example. This keeps your baby safe and gives you peace of mind!

Capture Memories

The manufacturers thought of everything when they made this monitor! With the HD camera, why not capture memories of your baby? Never miss a moment of baby growth with the auto-photo capture feature of the monitor. It also has a smart review of the timeline you can use, too. So impressive!

Data Privacy With the Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro

One final feature that I will mention in this Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro review is your privacy. The data in this app is stored in local storage that is GDPR approved which means your data is always with you. In addition, you do NOT have to pay any subscription fees which are typically associated with cloud-based storage.

Ellie Smart Baby Monitor Pro Review Conclusion

Video baby monitors are a must when you are trying to keep your baby safe and we feel confident in recommending this monitor! It’s fairly easy to set up, has many useful features as described above, and doesn’t have any app subscription fees. And, there’s a lifetime warranty service so there’s absolutely nothing to lose! Get your very own Ellie Smart Baby Monitor TODAY!

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