Forza Motorsport Won’t Have Split-Screen and Two Other Features at Launch

Turn 10 has confirmed that the upcoming Forza Motorsport won’t have certain features at launch, including split-screen functionality.

In the most recent Forza Monthly broadcast, creative director Chris Esaki explained that the game won’t support split-screen, spectator mode, or being able to race against AI in certain multiplayer modes.

“Having players come into a featured multiplayer event and taking player slots, and then spectating? It’s not really the racing we had intended,” Esaki explained. “Similarly, racing with AI in featured multiplayer with all its potential impacts on your safety rating also didn’t make a whole lot of sense to have and is not going to be available for us at launch.”

Esaki touched upon the reasoning for excluding split-screen, saying that pushing the graphics required a complete overhaul of the game’s rendering engine. As a result, split-screen was difficult to add in and won’t be availale at launch.

While these legacy features won’t be included, Forza Motorsport will have a bevy of accessibility options. Turn 10 will also show a presentation for Forza Motorsport at Gamescom 2023, but it won’t be playable there.

The game is set to launch on October 10 for PC and Xbox Series X|S and will also be included on Xbox Game Pass the day it releases.

This move is a similar one to 343 Industries’ decision to not release campaign co-op or Forge at the launch of Halo Infinite. The being said, we should all support these developers and understand we will get these features when they are ready and in the best condition, and that’s the way it should be!

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