Harvest Island Is Like Stardew Valley As A Horror Game

Harvest Island is a farming simulator that takes inspiration from Stardew Valley, with one big point of difference–it’s a horror game. Unravel the mysteries of your island home while taking care of the farm, and exploring biomes that are increasingly dangerous and far from home.

The game puts you in control of brother-sister duo Will and Samantha who live with their father, who may not be telling them the full truth of the island. The island is watched over by gods who ask for offerings in exchange for Bless, a currency players can use to upgrade their farm, or for building and crafting.

While all the mechanics you would expect from a farming simulator are present, the game promises dark secrets as you explore territories that are further from home, including a mazelike forest and an abandoned mine. The game also changes from day to night, with elements like ocean tides also impacting exploration.

For players who are more interested in the horror aspect than the day-to-day farming sim tasks, there’s also a story mode to allow for a more narrative and exploration-driven experience.

It’s not too clear yet just what kind of horrors lurk on Harvest Island, though the latest trailer shows a number of clips of mutilated animals discovered around the island. The game’s marketing hints that its dark secrets may have something to do with the mysterious gods of Harvest Island–though more than that you’ll have to discover for yourself.

Like Stardew Valley, Harvest Island has been developed by a one-person team going by the name of Yobob Games. The game will release on PC via Steam on October 10.

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