I have been texting my Classicist brother about Hades II and he’s just enjoying it like a normal person

My older brother (as opposed to “big”; my younger brother is my big brother, because he’s built like the kind of hearty giant in a JRPG who laughs a lot and carries an anchor as a weapon, while my older brother is a loathsome scribbling wizard like myself) is a gamer in a very normal sense. He was way more online when he was younger, and is the one who got me into the games of Lucasfilm, Troika and Blizzard, but these days he plays the games he likes a lot and does not read specialist websites that tell him why he shouldn’t like them. He used to play loads of League Of Legends, but the game he was most into more recently was Hades. This is because he studied Classics.

I won’t tell you how many years its been since he was at university, but for many years – and still sort of now, to be honest – “liking Apollo” was a key part of his personality. It’s interesting, therefore, to text him about Hades 2. Partly because he wasn’t even aware it was happening.

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