Mega Xbox 360 Collector Building Set Gets First Discount, And It’s A Big One

A mint-in-box Xbox 360 console–with its massive 20GB hard drive attachment–will cost you quite a bit of cash, but fortunately, the Mega replica is a much more affordably priced alternative. Also, you won’t have to worry about any potential Red Ring of Death issues! Normally $150, this delightful building kit is now on sale for $50 off at Target, a pretty substantial discount of 33%. It also happens to be the first discount yet for the kit, so we expect it to sell out before the deal officially ends on March 30.

Mega Xbox 360 building kit

Released last year exclusively at Target, this model is a 3:4-scale replica of the original Xbox 360 console and it comes with some fun extras to help it stand out on your shelf like some sort of low-polygon model of the gaming device. Consisting of 1,342 pieces, you’ll be able to build the console, its controller, the removable hard drive, a Halo 3 game disc, and a game case.

What makes this kit extra special are the small touches, as it has working lights and you can remove the side shell panels and to reveal the inner working mechanisms. Overall, this is a well-designed alternative to Lego and a very enjoyable building experience. It’s also fully compatible with other Mega blocks, in case you want to kit-bash the Xbox 360 into something better or nightmarish.

Mega’s Xbox 360 isn’t the only replica game console you can build and proudly display on your shelf. Lego has also released two delightful, large-scale sets in recent years. The Lego Nintendo Entertainment System is a 2,646-piece kit featuring the console, controller, an NES cartridge., and a CRT TV that scrolls through a level of Super Mario Bros. The Lego NES is pricey at $270, but it is a stunning creation. Meanwhile, the Lego Atari 2600 retails for $240, but it’s currently on sale for $192. The Atari 2600 kit is 2,532 pieces and includes the console, a joystick, three game carts, a cartridge shelf, and three miniature dioramas featuring the games.

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