New Godzilla Minus One Trailer Is an Apocalyptic Nightmare

Screenshot: Toho

For the first time since Shin Godzilla, Toho’s take on the legendary kaiju Godzilla is back in theaters at the end of the year with Godzilla Minus One—and if this jaw-droppingly chilling trailer is anything to go by, his status as one of the most fearsome monsters of the silver screen is still as potent now as it was 69 years ago.

A new trailer for writer/director/VFX supervisor Takashi Yamazaki’s Godzilla Minus One has just been released at a press conference in Japan. It builds on the initial teaser, giving us more of a glimpse of the film’s post-war setting, as Japan reckons with the devastation left in the wake of surrender—but equally giving us a much larger, more agonizing lens on the true horrors about to be unleashed as Godzilla makes landfall in the nation for the first time.


There’s much more Godzilla in this trailer than the short teaser we had this summer, and all of it haunting, as the King of All Monsters is returned to his primal form as a force of inevitable, unstoppable nature. If Shin Godzilla wanted to give us a look at a contemporary response to what Godzilla represents, Minus One offers something more potently gutwrenching in its return to a post-war setting, and we can’t wait to see what it pulls off.

Godzilla Minus One will release in Japan on November 3, 69 years to the day since the first Godzilla movie released in 1954. It will make its way over to the U.S. one month later on December 1.

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