SAG-AFTRA Nets Deal, Possibly Bringing Actors Strike to a Close

Nearly 120 days after authorizing an actors strike, SAG-AFTRA may have finally locked down a deal.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the union revealed it and the AMPTP have come to an agreement after months of on-and-off (and often contentious) negotiating. During that time, SAG-AFTRA told its members to hold firm as the negotiating committee did its thing with the studios, which allegedly had been recently threatening to cancel shows as a way of readjusting 2024 schedules to make up for the lost airtime. Studios have also been rearranging movie release dates as the strike continued.

Much like with the WGA back when its new deal was first revealed, things aren’t completely over for SAG-AFTRA. This new deal still has to be ratified and looked over by its members. But should the terms be acceptable, it means both unions got what they wanted and secured better pay and AI protections for themselves, among many other conditions.

THR notes “the work stoppage will end at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday,” and underlines “the union and the AMPTP are so far being mum on the details of the agreement, which will emerge in the next few days prior to the union’s ratification vote. If the deal is ratified, the contract could soon go into effect, and if not, members would essentially send their labor negotiators back to the bargaining table with the AMPTP.”

As far as when your favorite shows will be back? Don’t expect much to arrive before 2024.

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