These are the Best Cases for AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

We collected the best rugged, slim, clear, lightweight, and colorful cases we could find on Amazon to protect your Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation).


We regularly update buying guides to ensure they stay up-to-date and relevant with the latest information and pricing. We added four new cases from UAG, elago, R-Fun, and ESR.

The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) might be a year old, but it’s still one of the best wireless earbuds available on the market. The AirPods Pro 2 features the same external design as the last generation with some small enhancements. On the inside, it contains a brand-new audio driver. It delivers a more immersive sound experience, features improved-noise cancelation and transparency mode, and other more advanced features to find them more easily via the Find My network.

We also have a list of the best true wireless earbuds and the best noise-canceling wireless headphones you can buy today.

The AirPods Pro earbuds are one of the most popular wireless earbuds on the market. This post will show you some of the best cases you can pick up for your new AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) earbuds to protect them from scratches, scuffs, and fall damage. We always recommend using cases, which is especially useful if you’re always on the move, or if you’re a very active person who requires additional protection. Replacing charging cases and earbuds can be costly, whereas a case costing $10-20 could avoid unexpected spending and the hassle of buying new devices.

Protect your AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) with these cases

  • SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro (AirPods Pro 2)

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    The new UBP case from SUPCASE is compatible with both the first and second generation of AirPods Pro earbuds. It has a solid hard-shell TPU and PC material to provide excellent protection against scratches, scuffs, and drops. It has a 2-piece design, and it also includes a carabiner. It has precise cutouts, and it also supports wireless charging.

  • pbi Ringke Layered (AirPods Pro 2)

    Ringke Layered (AirPods Pro 2)

    Best Value

    Ringke’s Layered case features multiple layers that fit together for a more secure fit. It has an x-pattern bumper on all corners and protects the earbuds from drops and scuffs. It’s available in four colors: matte clear, black, purple, and white. 

  • pbi dbrand Grip (AirPods Pro 2)

    dbrand Grip (AirPods Pro 2)

    Premium Pick

    The dbrand Grip case is premium, feels great in the hand, and it’s grippy. It’s fully customizable with dbrand’s large selection of high-quality skins, enabling you to personalize your favorite earbuds in just a few clicks.

  • pbi elago Silicone (AirPods Pro 2)

    elago Silicone (AirPods Pro 2)

    Best Value

    The elago silicone case is available in seven colors and offers excellent protection against scratches and drops. It’s been specifically designed to fit the new AirPods Pro 2nd generation earbuds and made out of a premium silicone material. It’s thin, light, and supports wireless charging. 

  • pbi ESR HaloLock for AirPods Pro 2

    ESR HaloLock (AirPods Pro 2)

    MagSafe compatible

    $18 $23 Save $5

    The case supports the first and second-generation AirPods Pro earbuds and is compatible with MagSafe chargers. The case is available in black and navy blue colors, and features excellent shock-absorbing polymer layers to protect the earbuds from drops and scratches. The LED always remains visible, and it has precise cutouts for more comfort. 

  • pbi Spigen Rugged Armor (AirPods Pro 2)

    Spigen Rugged Armor (AirPods Pro 2)

    Rugged protection

    The Spigen Rugged Armor case is one of the most rugged cases on this list, making it excellent for those living an active lifestyle. The case is covered with a fingerprint-free matte-black finish, and it sports a dual-layer design to protect additional protection against drops and scratches. It also comes with an included carabiner, and has a cutout for the keychain holes. 

  • pbi CASETiFY Essential (AirPods Pro 2)

    CASETiFY Essential (AirPods Pro 2)

    Simple & Stylish

    The CASETiFY Essential case is an excellent accessory for your AirPods Pro 2nd generation. It features an anti-slip surface, and it comes in a single color. If you’re after a CASETiFY case that offers a simple, elegant look, the Essential series is worth considering.

  • pbi i-Blason Cosmo Series (AirPods Pro 2)

    i-Blason Cosmo Series (AirPods Pro 2)

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with i-Blason

    $22 $27 Save $5

    The new i-Blason Cosmo Series case supports the latest generation AirPods Pro earbuds and the last generation. It supports wireless charging, and LED light. The case also comes with a wrist strap, adding an extra layer of security against loss or theft, and it’s made of impact-resistant TPU that provides excellent overall protection. 

  • CASETiFY (AirPods Pro 2)

    CASETiFY (AirPods Pro 2)

    Editor’s Choice

    The CASETiFY case comes in more than four colors and countless number of different and unique designs. It’s a high-quality case, made of recycled phone cases, and it offers excellent protection and a tight fit for your earbuds. It also comes with a carabiner that lets you attach the AirPods to bags, clothes, and more.

  • pbi Spigen Ultra Hybrid (AirPods Pro 2)

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid (AirPods Pro 2)

    Ultra Hybrid

    $19 $30 Save $11

    The Ultra Hybrid case provides the additional protection you need on an everyday basis with the simple, and clear case design to let you show off the AirPods Pro 2. It has precise cutouts, and it includes a carabiner for everyday carry. The case supports wireless charging and LED and doesn’t yellow over time. 

  • pbi Spigen Mag Armor (AirPods Pro 2)

    Spigen Mag Armor (AirPods Pro 2)

    MagSafe Compatible

    $23 $27 Save $4

    The Spigen Mag Armor case has built-in magnets to enable MagSafe wireless charging. It carries a strong carabiner, has cutouts on the site for lanyards, and has a cutout for the LED light. It’s compatible with AirPods Pro 2 and is available in matte black. 

  • pbi Valkit Clear Case (AirPods Pro 2)

    Valkit Clear Case (AirPods Pro 2)


    The Valkit Clear case is a great budget option if you want to show off your new wireless earbuds. It’s specifically designed for the 2nd generation, and it’s made of high-quality premium TPU material, providing excellent protection against fall damage and scratches. The case is available in six colors and comes with a storage bag. 

  • pbi BRG Silicone Case (AirPods Pro 2)

    BRG Silicone Case (AirPods Pro 2)

    Silicone Case

    The BRG silicone case comes in 15 colors, offering plenty of options to customize and personalize your new wireless earbuds. The case is made of premium soft silicone, protecting the earbuds from bumps, drops, and scratches. It’s a slim case, and it fits perfectly. The case also supports wireless charging.

  • pbi Spigen Urban Fit (AirPods Pro 2)

    Spigen Urban Fit (AirPods Pro 2)


    The Spigen Urban Fit case offers a minimal and simple look. It has a premium fabric, PC lining, and an open and raise feature for easier access. It comes with a carabiner, supporting the cutout on the side for lanyards, and the LED. It supports wireless charging, and it keeps the earbuds scratch-free. 

  • pbi Spigen Classic Shuffle (AirPods Pro 2)

    Spigen Classic Shuffle (AirPods Pro 2)

    Retro Looks

    The Spigen Classic Shuffle case fits the AirPods Pro 2 perfectly, and has cutouts for the LED and lanyard. It’s retro-inspired, and is made of soft silicone that provides scratch resistance and can absorb shocks. It also has a carabiner to attach to clothes, bags, and more.

  • pbi-UAG Rugged (AirPods Pro 2)

    UAG Rugged (AirPods Pro 2)

    Rugged Protection

    $28 $35 Save $7

    The UAG Rugged case comes with MagSafe charging and a keychain carabiner. It’s ultra-durable, and the rugged construction can take a punch protecting your earbuds. It has a precise fit and easy installation, and it’s available in Black, and Olive Drab colors.

  • pbi ESR Orbit Hybrid (AirPods Pro 2)

    ESR Orbit Hybrid (AirPods Pro 2)


    The ESR Orbit case supports MagSafe wireless charging, and it has additional protection against drops. The case has cutouts for the speakers, lanyard, and LED, and also comes with an included strap. It’s available in three colors.

  • pbi Caseology Vault (AirPods Pro 2)

    Caseology Vault (AirPods Pro 2)

    Thin & Light

    $15.99 $24.99 Save $9

    The Caseology Vault case provides a sturdy, tough, and textured grip to protect the AirPods Pro 2 earbuds. The case even has military-grade protection against drop damage, has precise cutouts, and is available in three colors.

  • pbi elago Classic Handheld (AirPods Pro 2)

    elago Classic Handheld (AirPods Pro 2)


    The elgago AirPods Pro 2 case features a classic handheld gaming device’s design and is available in three colors. It has precise cutouts for the ports and the LED light in the middle. It’s made from silicone, and offers excellent overall protection.

  • pbi VRS Design (AirPods Pro 2)

    VRS Design (AirPods Pro 2)

    Stylish Protection

    The VRS Design case is made from PC and flexible TPU materials to protect against scuffs, scratches, and drops. It’s available in three colors, and it has precise cutouts for the charging ports, lanyard, LED, and the case itself.

  • pbi Ringke Silicone (AirPods Pro 2)

    Ringke Silicone (AirPods Pro 2)

    Silicone Case

    The Ringke case is made from soft liquid silicone, and it’s slim and lightweight. It fits the AirPods Pro 2 perfectly, and it comes in four colors. The case has a two-pice design, a lanyard strap, a keyring, and a carabiner. 

  • pbi Caseology Nano Pop (AirPods Pro 2)

    Caseology Nano Pop (AirPods Pro 2)

    Dual Tone

    $17 $25 Save $8

    The Nano Pop case comes in two colors, and includes a carabiner. It features a snug fit for the AirPods Pro 2 earbuds, and the two-tone color makes it stand out with its slim profile. There’s also a cutout for the lanyard, speaker, and charging port.

  • pbi MUJJO ECHELON (AirPods Pro 2)

    MUJJO ECHELON (AirPods Pro 2)

    Premium Feel

    The MUJJO ECHELON case support wireless charging, and is made from vegetable-tanned eco-leather. It has precise cutouts, and a charging indicator hole. There’s also a side opening for lanyards, and it’s available in three colors.

  • pbi Spigen Lock Fit (AirPods Pro 2)

    Spigen Lock Fit (AirPods Pro 2)


    $23 $50 Save $27

    The Spigen Lock Fit case comes in two colors, and it provides a secure fit. It features precise cutouts, a hole for the charging LED indicator, and it’s fully compatible with wireless chargers. It’s ideal for those looking for a rugged feel and design.

  • pbi MAOGOAM Leather (AirPods Pro 2)

    MAOGOAM Leather (AirPods Pro 2)

    Premium Leather Feel

    The case is made from vegetable-tanned leather, providing a luxurious and premium feel. It provides excellent overall protection and supports Qi and MagSafe wireless chargers. It’s also available in three designs and colors.

  • pbi Native Union Classic (AirPods Pro 2)

    Native Union Classic (AirPods Pro 2)

    Unique Style

    The Native Union case is made from premium plant-based materials, and it comes in two colors. It’s handcrafted design looks beautiful, and fits the AirPods Pro 2 precisely. There are cutouts, and the case provides elegant protection for your earbuds.

  • pbi R-fun Silicone (AirPods Pro 2)

    R-fun Silicone (AirPods Pro 2)

    Best Value

    $6 $8 Save $2

    The R-fun silicone case comes in more than 26 color options, and it’s a great budget-friendly case. It’s made of soft materials, and it prevents scratches, and scuffs. It comes with a carabiner that lets you attach the AirPods to other accessories and bags.

  • pbi-elago Cassette Tape (AirPods Pro 2)

    elago Cassette Tape (AirPods Pro 2)


    The elago Casette Tape, like a few other cases on this list, features a classic design of the iconic Casette tape player. It’s stylish, and it’s a fan favorite among retro fans who miss the old cassette. You can’t rewind this, but at least it’s offered in two unique colors.

  • pbi MOBOSI Hard Shell (AirPods Pro 2)

    MOBOSI Hard Shell (AirPods Pro 2)


    The Mobosi case features a rugged, hard shell that provides ultimate protection against drops, scratches, and scuffs. It includes a carabiner, precise cutouts, and comes in seven different color options.

  • pbi 3-pack cute cases (AirPods Pro 2)

    3-pack cute cases (AirPods Pro 2)

    Unique Looks

    This unique 3-pack bundle comes with three unique designs, inspired by a sports drink, and everyone’s favorite chewing gum. If you’re not a fan of elegant and classy designs and want something that stands out, these are excellent for the price.

  • pbi-ESR Air Ripple (AirPods Pro 2)

    ESR Air Ripple (AirPods Pro 2)

    Lightweight & Clear

    The ESR Air Ripple case is slim, and light. It fits the AirPods Pro 1st and 2nd generation, and the clear case lets you see the LED light and the design of the earbuds. It has a two-part design that’s easy to install and take off, and it protects the earbuds from everyday wear and tear.

  • pbi-R-fun Classic Handheld (AirPods Pro 2)

    R-fun Classic Handheld (AirPods Pro 2)

    Classic Looks

    The R-Fun case resembles the classic handheld. It’s available in seven colors, and it fits the AirPods Pro 2 and 1 perfectly. It has precise cutouts and a unique silicone design. The case also comes with a multi-functional cleaner pen to help you keep your earbuds clean and hygienic.

Our recommendation

LI best AirPods Pro 2 cases

Picking the right case can be a daunting task, especially as there are too many great options available. That’s okay, though; that’s why we’re here! If you haven’t made up your mind, you’ve come to the right place. We handpicked some of our favorite items, and marked them in the top left corner to help you select one of our favorites. These are marked as “Best value”, “Editor’s Choice”, and “Premium pick”.

Some other cases worth mentioning include the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, and Valkit Clear cases, which are excellent if you want to show off the AirPods Pro 2 case design. They’re crystal clear, and enable you to see the case with ease. The BRG Silicone, Spigen Urban Fit, and ESR Orbit Hybrid are also excellent protective cases, providing a slim and tight fit. However, if you’re looking to stand out and something more fun, the CASETiFY, Spigen Classic Shuffle, dbrand Grip, and the unique 3-pack cases are some of the best we found and tested out so far. If you want something unique, these are certainly worth considering.

Apple AirPods Pro 2 (2nd generation)

Apple AirPods Pro 2

$199 $249 Save $50

The new Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) features a new touch control navigation on the stems, better audio drivers, improved noise-cancellation and transparency features, and more. The case comes with an Apple U1 chip, that lets users track down their AirPods Pro using the Find My network, and there’s also a set of speaker holes on the bottom to sound an alarm.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Best-in-class ANC
  • Great battery life
  • Excellent synchronization with Apple devices

  • Most features are restricted to Apple devices
  • Charges via lightning cable
  • One color only: White

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