What are we all playing this weekend?

I’m going to be up front with you, readers: this week’s What Are We All Playing is going to make for some monotonous reading. I haven’t read any of the submissions this week, but I predict this to be the case because a) a lot of people have snuck in some holiday this week and b) everyone who is here is likely to be playing the same thing. You can guess what it is before the jump…

Alice Bee

Like many of the rest of you, I’m playing Baldur’s Gate 3. My particular task is reviewing it, and at present I have done obout 35 hours and am at the outskirts of the titular city. Not even inside the bastard yet. It’s a big game, is what I’m saying. I’ve rolled my real life D&D character, an archer specialist ranger called Sayer. Can stack a lot of damage on one arrow, can Sayer. I am romacing Gale, which turns out to be the nerdiest, daftest romance available. I shall expand on this in a post.

is away.


I’m away at a wedding this weekend, so gaming is going on the backburner. I’ll try and sink some time into Baldur’s Gate 3 once I’ve returned from the festivities, and go from real life romantic niceness to outrageous D&D horniness.


Baldur’s Gate 3, obviously! Was there ever any doubt? I’m currently playing two different characters: my Gnome Wizard named Stumbleduck in singleplayer, who I recreated with care from my home D&D game, and a Drow Ranger called Shadra in a multiplayer save. I love them both equally, and I will spend the entire weekend awkwardly dragging the mouse near them while moving to make them walk around and look cool, rather than running everywhere.

is away.


Like the rest of the world, it’s Baldur’s Gate 3 for me as well, innit.

is away.


Much of this weekend will be taken up by a visit to a friend’s, so I won’t have much time to play games as usual. I might give in and dip my toes into Baldur’s Gate 3, and see if I make it past the character creation. There’s never been a cRPG that I’ve played through to the end, or anywhere near the end. Is BG3 the exception? We shall see.

is away.

There you are you see. Didn’t I tell you? I hope for the sake of discussion some of you in the comments aren’t playing BG3. If you are please tell us about your character. Adventurer number one, what’s your name and where d’you come from?

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